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465€ 825 € 825 € 1 100€ 3 000 €
License purchase price* 1 640 € 1 160 € 2 060 € 2 060 € 2 750 € 7 500 €

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AM : Basic features


List of the main championships and teams.
List of football events and their criteria.
Default sequencing panel.
20 documents to print: listing, tables, dashboards, report …


Match editing

Allows you to sequence the match at a later time while viewing the video of the match.
Using the TechFOOT standard sequencing panel.


Video files

Allows you to associate up to 2 viewing angles for one match.


Match viewer

Allows you to view the video stats of the match in a chronological or thematic way.
Allows video editing of a single match.


Stats edition

Allows you to modify, complete, delete and add statistics after editing.


Search video

Allows creating video montages by filtering video stats on one or more matches.


Video montage

Allows modifying, adding effects or merging montages.
Permits video montage diffusion.


Quick montage

Permits to create a montage by viewing a video and selecting clips.


Video creation

Allows you to export a montage as a video clip for shring.


Automatic creation

Permits to automaticly create montages or video clips for a match.


Video converter

Allows converting, assembling or separating video files.



Allows displaying, printing or exporting in pdf format different documents.


TechFOOT dashboard : Match report

Displays a dashboard based on video stats (linked to images), printable and exportable in pdf format.


Field occupation

Used to enter the position of the ball in the two halves of the field to calculate the occupation of the field.


Substitutions and cards

Allows to enter and/or modify players substitutions and cards after the end of the match sequencing.



Allows to note observations of the match or the players.


Input training

Allows you to create training sheet to check in and ensure indivdual and collective monitoring of training attendance.


Restaure / Backup data

Allows you to back up the database (Match File, Team File, Player File, Statistics) and restore it in the event of a problem or a change of computer.

ProAM : AM + Players stats, events setting, TechXchange compatible...

Individual statistic

Allows you to associate players with events.


Configuration of foot events and their criteria

Allows modifying and creating events, roles and criterias.


Parameterization of field zones

Permits to modify used zones fo stats research and field occupation.


Personalized filters for personalized documents

Allows you to create filters which will be used in individual grids, personalized tables, Excel exports and data presentations.
Example : shot – on target – in the penalty area

Individual grids editor

Allows to choose and order the columns of the individual statistic grids of TechFOOT dashboards.


Personalized tables editor

Permits to create video stats tables templates.


Excel exports editor

Allows to create Excel workbook templates.


Input panel editor

Allows to create personalized input panel for the sequencing.


Video comparison

Allows you to watch 2 video stats side by side.


Comparative assessment

Allows displaying a dashboard which compare key indicators of two teams.



Allows you to sequence trainin sessions, to create montages and to export stats in Excel format.


TechFOOT dashboard

Displays a dashboard based on video stats (linked to images), printable and exportable in pdf format.

Pro : ProAM + Multi-users, data presentations...

Multi-users mode (internet synchronization)

Allows you to register several licenses ont the same database to simply share and pool the work of the staff.


Data presentation editor

Allows creating dashboard templates based on match-s, team or player data.


Characterized events

Allows to create characterized buttons that will be used in the sequencing panel.
Example : Passe – short – forward

Input panel editor

Allows to create sequencing panels for match, training, adding unlimited stats.


Multi-angle viewing  (4)

You can asssociate up to 4 viewing angles for a match.

Elite : Pro + Live mode, import external data...

Live mode

Live video capture and sequencing.
Viewing live statistics.
Watching live videos.
On the fly montage creation for half-time broadcast.


Caracterized events

Allows you to create characterized buttons that will be used fo data imports.


Import external data

GPS data import : Mac LLoyd, Gpexe
Statistics data import : Opta, InStat, Stats, Wyscout…

Player : Data exploitation (compatible with Pro and Elite)

Search video

Same as Pro


Video montage

Same as Pro


Video creation

Same as Pro


Match viewer

Same as Pro


TechFOOT dashboard : Match report, team report, player report

Same as Pro



Same as Pro


Annual subscription


Software use 12 months +
Maintenance contract* included

Perpetual license purchase


Software acquisition +
24 months maintenance contract* included

Beyond 24 months: paid maintenance
contract, 15% purchase price / year

* Maintenance contract details available in “Maintenance” tab.

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